Beautiful, easy, online browsable publications

C-PUB provides you with an online browsable version of nearly any type of publication or magazine. C-PUB uses mostly flash, but will fall back on a SEO-friendly HTML-version for both mobile and other users.

Meet C-PUB

C-PUB turns your offline publications into WOW! online publications! The people at Crossmark will take your existing PDFs and turn them into a C-PUB, complete with lots of handy features. Discover the features here, or have a look at our corporate brochure (it's in Dutch though).


Comes with links and videos
C-PUB comes with YouTube embedding and the possibility to add links to any page.

Mobile Support
C-PUB also has a basic HTML version that works on both Android and Apple tablets.

Simple Design
C-PUB comes with a very simple standard design that focuses on your publication.

Text search
C-PUB analyzes PDFs and uses text indexing to allow in-text searches.

Customizable design
C-PUB allows a design upgrade to fit the look and feel of your publication.

Instant sharing
C-PUB is packed with features for easy sharing over various social networks.

Web Analytics Support
C-PUB allows a link with your Google Analytics account to track your visitors.

More information?

Would you like to receive more information about the product and pricing? Ask us these, or any other questions you might have, through this form. We'll get back to you as soon as (humanly) possible.

Or if you really want to speed things up, why not try calling us at +32(0) 15 52 80 60 between regular usiness hours (9-5), or pay our offices in Bonheiden a visit. For more details on crossmark -what we do, who we are- and our location, please visit the crossmark website.